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    Packaging requirements
    A) medical low density polyethylene bags are used for inner packaging.
    B) the outer packing is double-layer corrugated structure packing box.
    D) each package is accompanied by a certificate of conformity.
    E) two outer packing specifications: 50 * 35 * 54 (cm) and 60 * 40 * 70 (cm)
    F) average carton weight: 1.3 + / - 0.3 (kg) and 2.5 + / - 0.3 (kg)
    Storage conditions and precautions

    (1)The product must be stored in a clean, dry and ventilated warehouse and shall not be piled up in the open air.
    (2)Store away from Windows and ducts and keep them in a dry and ventilated area.
    Avoid sun exposure or heat sources such as steam pipes. .
    (3)Do not place and weigh at will
    Inventory temperature kept at 10 to 25 ℃; Relative humidity remains at 35-65 percent. The ideal conditions for 15 to 20 ℃ dry storage;
    Products should not be stored in high temperature, high humidity, too low temperature or too dry environment and temperature distribution uneven conditions, otherwise adhesion, deformation, brittle and other phenomena occur.


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