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    Medicinal Capsule Engineering Technology Research Center

    Anhui Huangshan Capsule Co., Ltd. adheres to the quality concept of design (QbD), and takes "high safety, high quality and individuality" as its core competitiveness; we also take the development of new products and new materials and product technical services as the driving force for the company's development.
    In 2015, the company invested CNY 30 million to build the first "medical hollow capsule engineering technology research center" in China, including prescription research and development laboratory, physical and chemical analysis laboratory, microbial testing laboratory, stability laboratory, product pilot workshop and other departments.
    This center is equipped with 32 sets of equipment, including high performance liquid chromatography (Agilent 1260, USA), gas chromatograph (Agilent 7890, USA), spectrophotometric analysis system (CM-3600A, Japan), dissolution sampling collection system (ADFC808DK, China), drug stability text box (SHH-400SD, China), multi-parameter tester (METTLER TOLEDO S220, China).
    According to the guidelines of China, EU and US laboratories, we have drafted 39 laboratory files to form a standardized product technology R&D management system for product development, R&D project management, information regulations and patents, domestic and international registration of products, product technical services, etc. Thus we have good ability to ensure that product prescriptions and processes are effectively controlled from design, R&D, pilot scale to process verification and scale production; therefore we are able to guarantee the safety and stability of products.


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